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Baltimore Cemetery

"A couple dozen blocks east on North Avenue from its more famous cousin, Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore Cemetery is a little less known. Fewer famous folks enjoy their final slumber here, though if you're a big "Our Gang" fan, you'll want to track down Norman Chaney, who played an obscure character named Chubby in the early episodes. The monuments tend to be smaller, perhaps reflecting a more working-class clientele, but the sweeping high-ground vistas of the city more than compensate. It's all terribly picturesque. Our favorite thing about Baltimore Cemetery, though, is its dramatic approach: up a sharp hill at the end of North Avenue with the imposing cemetery gates that appear, due to a trick of perspective, to open only to the sky. Once inside the graves run, like death itself, all downhill from there."
~ article in the Baltimore City Paper, Baltimore, MD,
The cemetery opened in 1850 and lies in the Northeast corner of the City.  It is on high ground and comprises over 100 acres overlooking the city.

Many Germans are interred in this cemetery.  Most were German immigrants that worked in the many breweries that surrounded the cemetery.  This was also a neighborhood with a Schutzenpark.  Germans were the largest group interred here, however, after prohibition and the closing of the breweries many left the area.  During the 'flu epidemic' in 1918 there were as many as 24 burials per day.
2500 E North Ave
Baltimore, MD 21213-1598
Photos taken 9-6-2010
Headstones in Photographs:
Albrecht, Philip
1843 to 4-10-1909
Boehm, John G. 10-11-1841 to 11-14-1923 Schaub, John, Jr.
Bollman, Wendell     1814-1884    
Breitschwerdt, John 12-15-1849 to 5-27-1886 Scheldt, Henry Died 9-1889
Decker, Friederich 12-16-1824 to 11-18-1908 Schlegel Plot
Dolch Family Plot
Schneider Plot
Hassfurther, August 1869-1910 Schrader Plot
Hermann, Philip 8-12-1824 to 1897 Schuchhardt Plot
Hershman, George C.
Schuchhardt/Tabeling Plot
Heise, William 1831-1900 Steinmetz, Frederick 1861-1948
Heise, William 9-14-1834 to 11-19-1882 Stieff Plot
  Stieff, Charles M.
7-19-1805 to 11-1862
Stieff, Charles G.
Died 5-26-1923
Kautsch Plot
Stieff, Clara
Died 1-20-1889
  Stieff, Laura
Died 6-25-1909
Konig, George
1-26-1865 to 5-31-1913
Stricker Plot
Lightner, Henry
1798 to 1-24-1883
Thees, Carl F.    
5-1-1843 to 7-27-1874
Matthai, John Nicol 1872-? Ulrich, John 7-4-1833 to 1-19-1888
Mulfiner, John 4-3-1830 to 8-4-1895 Ulrich, Frederick 6-30-1824 to 3-3-1893
Otto, Frederick
Vonderhorst, J.H. Family Plot
Quast Family Plot
Woelper Plot
Rheinhardt Family
Wurzbacher Family Plot
Rheinhardt, Conrad 9-25-1848 to 9-8-1915

Rheinhardt, Martin, Jr. 1-5-1909 to 2-29-1988

Rheinhardt, Martin, Sr. 1-26-1888 to 5-28-1945

Reisenweber Plot