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Mt. Union Cemetery-Westminster

1046-1124 North Gorsuch Road, Westminster, MD
Westminster Maryland

We visited this cemetery on May 3, 2015.  The information below is taken from the metal sign on the property.  There are many stones that we were unable to read, but we have left the photos in the group.  If you have any information on the unreadable stones, please share with us at germanmarylanders@gmail.com.    

On the 21st day of May, 1853, Jacob and Ruth Sellers sold this scenic tract of farm land to the Trustees of the United Brethren in Christ Church Group for the sum of five dollars.  The Trustees were Samuel Deahoff, Thomas Bosley, Henry Keller, Henry Shaffer and Solomon Sentz.  These men were then assigned the task of planning for and erecting a house of worship that would be used by this farming community and their church going members.  According to the minutes from the Pennsylvania Conference, the Mt. Union Church Building was built in 1858 and was located seven miles east of the town of Westminster Maryland.  The first seats in the church were made of slabs of wood and the Church was there after named ‘Slab Union’ by its membership.  It is said that the Camp Revivals on the Grounds of ‘Slab Union’ were quite emotional affairs and very popular among everyone in the community.  The local Methodist Church members also used the Mt. Union Church for their services, however, in 1883, they moved into their newly constructed Church at Shiloh.  During March 1912 the trustees voted to build a new church building following a tragic fire that was caused by a dropped oil lamp during an evening service.  A cornerstone for the new church

was laid on Sunday August 25, 1912 and all that donated to the building fund had their names placed within the cornerstone.  Located just inside the cornerstone was a metal box that held Church artifacts and heartfelt memories.  The new Church Building was constructed for a cost of $2,000 and was dedicated on March 30, 1913.  In 1927, the Pennsylvania Conference Minutes state that the services at the Mt. Union were suspended on July 10, 1927 as most of the members became active within the Greenmount United Brethren Church.  In 1933 Dick Spencer paid $206 for the rights to the materials of the church building.  Mr. Spencer then went to reuse the material from the Church to build a home for a Mr. Fred Byers, whose home is located on the Old Manchester Road, located just outside of Westminster.  During the Spring of 2008, the Mt. Union Historic Church and Cemetery Association was formed in order to protect both the memories and resting sites of our family members and the rich American Heritage that these historic grounds are remembered for. 

                                     We believe the stone steps in the photo may be the steps that led to the church. 

For more information, contact:

Mt Union Historic Church And Cemetery Association
742 North Gorsuch Road
Westminster, MD 21157
Phone: (804) 454-0133
Contacts:  Michael W. Boerner & Agnes A. Boerner

Photos from our visit:

Transcriptions from our visit:

Last Name First Name  Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Abbott John 
12-29-1883 Age 88 years
Abbott Margaret 7-30-1797 5-13-1868 Wife of John
Abbott George 1853 1-7-1854 Age 29 days
Abott Martha Alice
1864 stone very worn
Albaugh John A.
2-28-1898 Age 66 years
Barry Margaret
11-2-? Age 41 years?
Boerner William Sterling 10/21/1936 11/26/2010
Buchman Elizabeth
2-19-1871 Wife of Michael
Cleffler Chas. C. 1832 1901
Cleffler Catherine 1844 1911
Forsen? Mary Ann
2-5-1860 Age 16 days 
Frank Charlotte 7-22-1814 5-19-1898
Grose Henry
7-2-1873 Age 44 yrs
Keller Henry
12-18-1868 Age 76 years
Keller Elizabeth
3-18-1883 wife of Henry
Keller Samuel
3-6-1869 Age 30 years
Kepner Susan
9-21-1889 Wife of Wm. H. Kepner
King Arthur 1/14/1941 1/6/2013 US Marine Corps
Leister Lydia Bell 8-20-1886 9/25/1930 Wife of Alvin
Leister Noah J. 1-1-1851 3/21/1904
Leister Mary C. 8-24-1849 5/13/1917
Leister Alice 9-25-1877 11-10-1879
Leister James 10-14-1861 1-21-1898
Leister James 12-23-1859 11/10/1938
Leister Lydia    10-3-1828 6/7/1902 wife of Nathanial
Leister Nathaniel 12-12-1823 3-5-1892
Leister Sarah 8-1-1861
Leister Infant Daughter 12-22-1871 12-22-1871
Loveall Elisha
1836? Stone very worn
Pugh David   10-1866 Age 60 years
Racine Harvey 2/19/1905 5/15/1905
Racine Anna Mary 2/7/1905 4/18/1905
Reamer Edward H. 1-19-1876 2-23-1899
Reamer Grace 1-19-1878 8-1894 Daughter of Henry & Julia
Reaver Mary 3-16-1840 12-6-1894
Reaver William Oscar
8-21-1887 Son of Henry
Sellers Caroline 9-26-1845 5/4/1934
Sellers Jacob 9-11-1850 12/26/1922
Sellers Jacob 10-16-1814 12-28-1896
Sellers Noah 1846 2/21/1915
Sellers George 11-3-1871 9-2-1864
Sellers Ruth 7-14-1812 2/24/1903
Sellers Amanda 9-9-1847 10/6/1915
Sentz James 2-10-1887 1/28/1911 Stone damaged
Sentz Mary

wife of Solomon
Sentz William A.
9-29-1872 Age 22 years
Sentz Solomon
5-7-1875 Age 65 years
Sentz ? Unknown 10-31-1842 4-1-1876 Stone damaged but next to James
Shaeffer Charles 1922 4/5/1905
Shaffer Henry R. or Harry
7-15-1891 Age 73 years
Shaffer Nancy 11-26-1812 8-5-1897
Shuster Joshua 3-8-1829 2-10-1875
Sprinkle Charles W. 1-2-1872 2/6/1950
Sprinkle Daivd T. 5/5/1903 11/14/1905
Sprinkle C. Elmer 12/25/1907 3/30/1920
Sprinkle Harvey 3/5/1912 3/8/1930
Sprinkle Annie G. 4-12-1874 5/21/1933
Trump Frances 6/6/1909 6/7/1909
Trump Edna 6/6/1909 6/8/1909
Trump Wilb? 11/9/1910 ?
Walker Laura 1881 1892
Walker Noah 5-25-1830 10/15/1907
Walker Sarah 5-17-1828 3-3-1880
Walker Family Stone

Zepp Henry 2-18-1879 1/8/1902
Zepp William H. 4-5-1868 10/10/1936
Zepp Carrie M. 4-19-1874 6/17/1954
Zepp Maurice E. 11-26-1867?  11/25/1924
Zepp Ellen C. 7-11-1838 3/18/1908
Zepp Samuel
Zepp Caroline
1897 Age 72 years
Zimmerman Ida Susann   4-6-1862 Daughter of Adam & Caroline
ZimmermanMargaret Matilda