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New Cathedral

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New Cathedral Cemetery includes a combination of three old cemeteries.  

  • St. Peter’s Kirkyard (1770-1841) at Cathedral and Saratoga Streets.
    Old Cathedral (1816-1887) Riggs and Fremont Avenues
    St. Patrick’s   (-1936) Orleans Street

In 1816, the Cathedral Cemetery was opened at Riggs Avenue (formerly Tenant Street), Winchester Street and Fremont Avenues. Those interred at St. Peter’s  were relocated to the Cathedral Cemetery.  In 1869 again the space filled so Cathedral became ‘Old Cathedral’ and the Archdiocese of Baltimore purchased forty acres of land of what was outside the city line.  The land was located at the junction of Old Frederick Road and Edmondson Avenue for the site of a new cemetery.

First known as Bonnie Brae (beautiful slope), it is now known as New Cathedral Cemetery and is comprised of 100 acres.  It took several years to re-located everyone from Cathedral to the New Cathedral.  The old cemetery was sold soon after the new cemetery opened.  Unless families made other arrangements, the remains were transferred out to New Cathedral.  Information that was included at the time of re-interment was name of the deceased, date of re-interment, last known address, cemetery lot, section and grave number, and, sometimes, cause of death. (Original death and burial dates are not recorded here).  Limited numbers of headstones from the old to the new were transferred.  The remains are limited for the most part to one letter section of New Cathedral.

Records for these interments are available on microfilm at the Associated Archives at St. Mary's Seminary and University, the Maryland State Archives, and the Maryland Historical Society. They are also available in published form at the Mary land Historical Society under the title Old Cathedral Burial Records, Baltimore, Maryland, 4 vols., which covers the time period 1793-1874 and includes the records for St. Peter's (1770-1841). These records can also be found in Burials in Cathedral and Cathedral Cemeteries, Baltimore Maryland, 1791-1874 (Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2004), compiled by Hans Grogaard and Mary Warfield.  Please note that the death register that covers the time period 1875-1922 has been lost.  Records located at New Cathedral consists of plot books and interment registers (arranged chronologically and alphabetically).

In 1936, St. Patrick’s Cemetery was moved from Orleans Street to a new section in New Cathedral appropriately named “St. Patrick.”

The cemetery purchased an additional eighty-five acres assuring plenty of room for future generations.

Photos from our visits

Transcriptions from our visits on 6-15-2013 & 3-9-2014

Name Dates Notes
Auld Family Plot

Baburger, Lee  1861 to 1915
Baburger, Kathrine  1879 to 1914
Bamburger Family Stone

Bayer, G. 7.11.1825 to 8.29.1901
Bayer, Barbara M. 9.7.1827 to 2.2.1911
Belt, Harry 1884 to 1955
Belt, Margaret Ford 1894 to 1971
Belt Family Plot

Breitenbach Family Plot 

Burger Family Plot

Burger, Beatrice Maria 1.12.1894 to 1.15.1955
Burger, Anne M.  2.16.1944 to 4.3.1951 Leake
Cramer, Frederick 3.21.1821 to 11.13.1902
Cramer, Catherine 9.27.1839 to 1.26.1880
Delcher, John

Delcher, Ethel

Eberhardt, Katherine 1878 to 1945
Eichelman, Joseph 1891 to 1980
Eichelman, Rose Ada 1892 tp 1966
Eicholtz-Boland Family Plot

Eisenberger, John

Faistenhamer, John 12-24-1859 to 2-5-1914
Faistenhamer, Bernhard 3-31-1872 to 12.25.1944
Fledderman Family Plot

Frederick, George
Frederick, Benedict J. 1890-1955
Frederick, Marie Dolores 1893 to 1959
Friedel, John

Ganzhorn Family 11-24-1882 to 3-10-1920
Ganzhorn, Pat 10.12.1928 to 2.17.1980 Davis
Ganzhorn, Teresa B

Germershausen, Louis
Could be a 'C'
Getzendanner, M. Ann 1865 to 1924
Getzendanner, Thomas J. 1864 to 1942
Gisriel, Jacob 11.11.1827 to 5.3.1882
Gisriel, Sarah

Gist, George

Gist, Laura

Grindall, Charles Dr. 7.8.1849 to 2.14.1920
Grindall, Alverta 11.21.1855 to 3.18.1923
Groeninger Family Plot

Gunser Family Plot

Haselherst Family Plot

Hasselberger, Ignatius J. 1854 to 1937
Hasselberger, Minnie 1862 to 1919
Havelman Family Plot

Havelman, Herman 1871 to 1923
Hilberg, Mary 1846 to 1917
Hornberger, Welford 8-22-1914 to 3-1-1985 WWII Veteran
Hucht, John Bernard 1819-1861
Hucht, Mary  1819 to 1893  
Hucht, Sebastian

Hummel, Anthony J. 8-15-1853 to 12-19-1918
Hummel, Dena A. 8-15-1857 to 4-17-1933
Huster, Charles T. dod 1.20.1918
Huster, Laura dod 12.6.1923 Zinn
Huster, Leonard J. dod 11.25.1890
Huster, George

Huster, James B.

Kaufman, G. Fred 1845 to 1932
Kaufman, Mary 1878 to 1969
Kaufman, John 1874 to 1920
Kaufman, George J. 1871 to 1942
Kaufman, Regina  1888 to 1966
Kaufman, M. Elizabeth 1848 to 1931
Kerchner, Frederick A. 1.13.1831 to 12.31.1898
Kerchner, Anna C 2.28.1831 to 1017.1912
Kerchner, Charles 

Kerchner, Mary

Key Monument Schuler Art Piece
Knecht, John A. 12-27-1825 to 2-23-1900
Knecht, Mary M. 12-14-1828 to 4-21-1909  
Knell, George  1849 to 1931
Knell, Henrietta H. 1852 to 1930
Kohlerman, Michael 5.29.1842 to 12.18.1901
Kohlerman, Pauline 12.13.1846 to 4.15.1908
Kraeger, Anthony 1853 to 1936
Kraeger, Marie A. 1853 to 1909
Kraeger, Arthur V. 1887 to 1947
Kraeger, Georg 2.22.1886 to 2.22.1886 In German
Kreiner, John  1825 to 1900
Mary Kreiner

Kreis, Peter Illegible
Kreis, Charlotte 1808-1861
Kreuz, Christopher 12.13.1842 to 7.3.1878
Kreuz, Barbara 9.29.1843 to 11.28.1924
Landers-Baumann Family

Landers, Bernard J. dod 3.23.1921
Landers, Margaret dod 8.17.1956
Landers, Philip dod 12.31.1930
Landers, Mary dod 6.17.1946
Marischen Gerhard 1829 to 1914
Marischen, Elizabether 1831 to 1896
Mathieu Family Stone

May, Michael P 1856 to 1937
May, Agnes 1867 to 1933
Meyer, Adolph Carl 1852 to 1914
Meyer, Florence E.J. 1858 to1938
Muth Family Plot

Muth, Family Plot (2)

Muth, Edward 1882 to 1952
Muth, Regina 1889 to 1959 Historian and Writer
Muth, Edward, Jr., 1914 to 1980
Potthast, George J. 11.21.1895 to 4.5.1988
Potthast, Anne F. 9.7.1892 to 11.20.1976
Reisinger, Philip

Rennert, Robert 1.25.1837 to 10.3.1898
Rennert, Caroline 4.10.1844 to 9.26.1926
Schanberger, Frederick 1872 to 1947
Schanberger, Hannah Marie 1872 to 1918
Scharf, Thomas  G. 1-24-1816 to 8-10-1886
Scharf, Ann M. 1-1-1820 to 1-2-1889
Schatz Family Plot

Schutte Family Plot

Shriver, Alfred Jenkins
 6-5-1867 to 9-3-1939
Smith Family Stone

Smith, Harry A. 1867 to 1933
Smith, Margaret 1871 to 1930
Smith, Mary Hodes 1852-1940
Smith, Henry C.A. 1851  to 3-23-1882
Smith, John 7-23-1826 to 7-22-1892
Smith, Mary 8-1829 to 6-28-1907
Smith, Dr. John H. 5-6-1848 to 12-7-1891
Smith, Anthoney A. 1-6-1856 to 11-6-1897
Smith, Bernard H. 11-28-1864 to 2-26-1909
Smith, Joseph A. dod 4.6.1904
Smith, William

Smith, Ella M. 1865 to 1931
Smith, William E. 1895 to 1938
Smith, Catherine 1897 to 1977
Steinkamp, Walter 1894 to 1960
Steinkamp, Ethel J. 1896 to 1972
Stieneman, Elizabeth 9.26.1881 to 8.7.1921
Stricker Family Stone

Ullsperger, John 1853 to 1991
Voigt Family Stone

Voigt, F. Louis 1822 to 1902
Voigt, Catherine A.  1828 to 
Von Hagel Family

Wagner, Mary M.

Wetzler, John 11.10.1845 to 9.2.1895
Wetzler, Theresia 1.17.1855 to 11.4.1928 Goebel
Wilhelm Family Stone

New Cathedral Cemetery contact information:

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Phone: 410-566-7770
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