Miscellaneous A to Z

Immigration/Deutsche Emigratenhaus
Immigration 'Journey from Germany to Pennsylvania'
Donated by Randy & Noreen Herbert

Names (German Names-Anglicized) (Do you think your name may have been changed?  Do you want to know the meaning of your German name?)

Oath of Allegiance
(German) Orphan Home (Contains a good deal of information about the German orphanage and a photo, as well as transcriptions of 'inmates' or orphans living there in the 1870, 1880, 1900 and 1910 Federal Census. Information about other orphanages also included.)
St. Vincent's Male Orphanage/St. Vincent's Infant Asylum

Redemptioner (Did your family come over as redemptioners?)

Schützen Parks

Singing Societies

Street Name Changes
Street Names-German Influence (Prior to the onset of WWI, Maryland and specifically Baltimore had a heavy German population and influence, which you can see by the street names).

WWII German/American Internments

Western Maryland Germans (An illustrated drive through a few of the German portions of Western Maryland-including Schifferstadt, Hager House and more).  Presented on October 11, 2016 at the Society for the History of Germans in Maryland's annual dinner. This is a large file and takes several minutes to download.