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St. Michael's Catholic Church

St. Michael’s Church Catholic Church-Baltimore

St. Michael the Archangel



History of Baltimore City & County; John Thomas Scharf, 1881, J.B. Lippencott & Company, publishers, Philadelphia PA. 



St. Michael’s was built in 1851 at the corner of Register and Pratt Streets for the German Catholic population of that area.  It was the third German parish established in Baltimore within ten years. 

The cornerstone was laid on October 30, 1850 and the building completed in 1852.  It was blessed by the Very Rev. Bernard Hafkenscheid, provincial of the Redemptorists and dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel.  The swell of immigration at the time made it necessary to construct a new church within a few years.  The old cemetery of St. Patrick’s (Wolfe Street) was purchased and the bodies removed to Holy Cross Cemetery on Harford Road.  The cornerstone of the new building was laid on August 2, 1857.  The building was completed in 1859.  The dimensions of the new church are 187 feet by 80 feet.  The new church was bounded by Baltimore, Lombard, Chapel and Wolfe Sts.  A residence was established at the same time and Rev. Joseph Clauss resided there, being the first superior.  He was succeeded in 1865 by Rev. William Luehrmann and in 1868 Rev. Joseph Wirth was appointed rector.


As early as 1845 a school was established.  At the time the first church was erected, there were 300 pupils.  When the new church was built, a new school building was also erected on Lombard Street.  The average attendance at that time was 1300.  The school is ran by the Sisters of Notre Dame and the Marian Brothers, the SSNDs taking charge of the school in 1870. 

St. Michaels’ celebrated it’s 75th Anniversary on April 24, 1927. 


On a photo journey (July 4, 2010) we were unable to find the church.  The corner of Register and Pratt Streets is two corners residential, one corner the parking lot for Obrycki’s Crab House and the other corner is Obrycki’s Crab House.

Maryland Archive records M1538-M1545


We visited St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church at the corner of Wolfe Street and Lombard Street. 


Priests serving St. Michael’s


1852-1855         Thaddeus Anwander

1855-                 Aegidius Smulders

1855-1859         Joseph Müller

1859-1865         Joseph Clauss

1865-1871         William Lührmann

1871-1873         Maximus Leimgruber

1873-1877         Peter Zimmer

1877-1880         Joseph Helmprächt

1880-1882         Joseph Clauss

1882-1886         Franz Van Emstede

1886-1893         Peter Bausch

1893-1894         Joseph Wirth

1894-1898         Peter Grein

1898-1901         John B. Leibfritz

1901-1904         Ferdinand Litz

1904-1909         John Klang

1909-1912         Charles Sigl

1912-1918         Joseph Wissel

1918-1921         Henry Otterbein

1921-1924         Peter Backe

1924-                 Joseph Schmidt


Church Location:

Corner of Wolfe & Lombard Streets