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Manor Doubs-Frederick

St.. Matthew's Doubs 1920

St. Matthew's Doub-1920

:  Centennial History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod in Maryland 1820-1920, Wentz

St. Matthew’s
St. Mark’s
St. Luke’s

Source:  Centennial History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Maryland 1820-1920, Wentz

The Manor-Doubs pastorate covers the territory south of Frederick between the Catoctin Mountain and the Monocacy River, known as Carroll's Manor, from which it derives its name.

The pastorate consists of three churches: St. Matthew's, on the Point of Rocks road, four miles north of Doubs; St. Mark's, at Doubs, and St. Luke's, at Point of Rocks. The parsonage is at Doubs.

St. Matthew's Church is the parent church of the pastorate and was for a long time the only Lutheran church in this part of the county. Its early history is involved in obscurity. The date of its organization is not known.  On August 8, 1812 the cornerstone of a union church (Lutheran and Reformed ) was laid on land presented by Mr. Waltz, near the old meeting house on Carroll's Manor, at which time Rev. David F. Schaeffer of Frederick, preached in English and Rev. S. Helfenstein in German.

For many years this church was supplied by Lutheran ministers from Frederick, but in 1841 it was made a part of the Jefferson charge, with which it was connected until the year 1886.

During this time it was served by the following ministers:

Rev. W. F. Eyster 1841-1843
Rev. D. J. Hauer 1845-1 853
Rev. G S. Collins. 1853-1854
Rev. H. Appleby 1855-1857
Rev. E. Dorsey, 1857-1858
Rev. H. G. Bowers 1858-1878
Rev. W. H. Settlemeyer 1878-1886

On January 4, 1893, the Lutherans sold out their interest at the Manor to the Reformed and the present St. Matthew's Church was dedicated August 13. 1893.

Prior to 1878 St. Matthew's was the only Lutheran church on Carroll's Manor, though the Lutheran pastors of the Jefferson pastorate preached at intervals of from six to twelve weeks in the old Calico Rock school house, midway between Doubs and Point of Rocks.

In 1886 St. Mark's congregation, at Doubs, was organized. A church was built under the direction of Rev. Settlemeyer.

The St. Luke's congregation, of Point of Rocks, was organized in 1887, and the church built in 1889.

In 1886, the Jefferson pastorate was divided and the Manor-Doubs pastorate was formed. Rev. A. H. Burk was the first pastor of the new charge and served one year, but was recalled in 1892 and served the pastorate five years.

Rev. A. H. Burk served 1886-1887
Rev. C. W. Sechrist served 1887-1892
Rev. A. H. Burk served 1892-1897
Rev. William L. Hauser served 1897-1903
Rev. G. William Millar served 1904-1907
Rev. William B. Oney served 1908-1909
Rev. Paul II. Ketterman served 1910-1912
Rev. P. J. Wade served 1912-1917
Rev. E. L. Folk served 1918-1921
Rev. J.E. Ainsworth 1922-1924
Rev. C. H. Shull 1924-1932
Rev. Arthur Null 1932-1949
Rev. Alfred R.  Gobbel 1950-1954
Rev. Gordon Hite 1955-1959
Rev. Dean Anderson 1959-1963
Rev. Henry E. Schaefer, Jr. 1964-1969
Rev. Campbell McKinnon 1970-1974
Rev. C. L. King (Vice Pastor) 1974-1976
Rev. W. Denny Jernigan 1976-1983
Rev. Thomas M. and Susan M. Lang 1983-1987
Rev. James Slingloff (Vice Pastor) 1987-1989
Rev. Charles Rampp 1989-1996
Rev. Marina Flores 1997-2011

The St. Matthew's congregation, the mother church, in 1920, had a membership of one hundred twenty. The St. Mark's congregation had about one hundred, and St. Luke's forty.

Among the older and charter members of the pastorate we record the names of Samuel T. Whip, John Buzzard, George Willard, D. M. Whip, and William N. Hoffman.

The superintendents of the Sunday schools in 1920 were
St. Mark's, L. E. Willard
St. Matthew's. Edward Hawken
St. Luke's. Charles Stunkle