Edelweiss Club

Edelweiss Club- FOUNDED:  1966; PURPOSE:  To promote, foster and to encourage interest in German-American tradition and culture in a non-political and a non-sectarian manner; to support and participate in a German music and news broadcasting program; to hold social affairs in the German heritage tradition and in the spirit of time-honored Gemütlichkeit.

A newspaper article from the Washington Journal (In German) announced the officers for the year as Paul Luedtke, President; William Klein, Vice President; Ernst Koehler, Treasurer; Raymond Grant, Secretary; Willie Obermueller, Sergeant of Arms; Directors:  Walter Berchner, Dr. Armin Mruck, Miss Elizabeth Luedtke, Adam Kimmel, Bernhard Grimsehl and Otto Meyer.  

October 1, 1976-Washington Journal-Paul Ludtke named new Edelweiss Club President

March 21, 1980-Edelweiss' Annual Meeting.  Article written by Armin Mruck.  
(Courtesy Kluge/Kuenzel/Brooke Family)