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Arion Gesangverein    ( See also: 'Singing Societies')
Baltimore Kickers- FOUNDED: 23 September 1953;  PURPOSE:  To promote soccer, the German language and German culture!
Washington Journal's Tribute to the Baltimore Kickers on their 25th Anniversary, May 12, 1978 (Courtesy Kluge/Kuenzel/Brooke Family)

Club Fidelitas- FOUNDED:  1955; PURPOSE:   To promote a social club to promote fellowship, friendship and Gemütlichkeit. 

Delphian Club

Der Deutsche Orden der Harugari
Deutschamerikanischer Buergerverein von Maryland, Inc.
Deutsche Geselligkeit- FOUNDED:  17 January 1935; PURPOSE: To provide assistance to the less fortunate and to work for and assist others.

Edelweiss Club

G.T.V. Immergrün- FOUNDED:  1972; PURPOSE:     To preserve and enjoy the dances, customs and traditions of the Bavarian Region of Germany and Austria.

German Radio Klub

German Society of Maryland-
Germania Lodge 

The Goethe Society

Maryland Oktoberfest

Saturday Night Club


Singing Societies

Society for the History of Germans in MD- FOUNDED: 1886; PURPOSE:  To collect and preserve records and historical material relating to Germans in Maryland
Officers of the Society for the History of Germans in Maryland from 1886
A Short History
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