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Sharpsburg Reformed Cemetery

Sharpsburg Reformed Cemetery-Washington County, Maryland

West Chapline St.
Sharpsburg, MD

This cemetery has many of the area’s German immigrants.  It is an old cemetery that at one time was in the same area of the church.  Today, it stands pretty well alone.  It wasn’t that easy to find, located in the heart of Sharpsburg on West Chapline Street.  It has burials from German Immigrants dating back to the 1790's.

The placard placed near the front of the cemetery states, “In August 1774, trustees of Sharpsburg’s Reformed Church purchased this lot and built their church and school.  The first burial was in 1775.  In 1833, a new church as built at 117 West Main Street.  Burials ceased here in 1883 when Mt. View Cemetery was founded east of Sharpsburg.

They used the cemetery until 1883 where the future burials were placed at the Mountain View cemetery east of town. Probably 50% of the headstones were unreadable.  I still photographed them and have included them in the album for the cemetery.  Those that were legible and even some that we researched have been transcribed and are below.  The unreadable stones are noted as such. 

We visited on June 13, 2015.  There are also a good number of the stones photographed and additional information about the souls buried her on the ‘FindAGrave’ site at http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=csr&CScn=Sharpsburg+Reformed&CScntry=4&CSst=0

Our Transcription from our 2015 visit: Those marked with an (*) are taken from Scharf's History of Western Maryland.

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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Austin Mary
10-7-1839 age 67 years
Austin Thomas
3-2-1813 age 76 years?
Beard John
3-26-1827 age 63
Beard* Elizabeth
12-7-1837 age 84
Beehler Margaret 1795 3-14-1821
Bender Elizabeth
6-18-1878 age 63
Bender Jacob
12-24-1861 age 59
Bender Rosanna
6-11-1871 age 65
Bender Raleigh George
6-9-1860 age 25 son of Jacob & Rosanna
Bender Henry
10-2-1858 age 23 Son of Samuel
Bender Otho
7-31-1851 age 14 Son of Samuel
Bender Daniel
6-17-1851 age 2 son of J & R. Bender
Benton Harriett
9-15-1852 age 2
Bowers William
Bowers John F.
5-2-1870 son of William
Breckley Jacob
2-21-1831 age 35?
Burkhart Lewis
9-23-1853 age 1 year
Collins Lucy
2-12-1850 Age 2 mos.
Dedle Henry
4-5-1829 ge 40 years
Delauney Nanny 6-13-1841 11-13-1861
Dillon Elizabeth
2-2-1855 age 79
Good* Josiah
7-25-1848 age 80
Graff Jacob 6-4-1737 8-13-1819
Grove Catherine
9-25-1823 age 84
Hammond Elizabeth
12-5-1852 age 8
Hebb* Elizabeth
2-27-1875 age 69-wife of William F. 
Hedrick Margaret
12-25-1853 age 38 years
Houser John
5-1-1835 age 1 year
Knode William
1-26-1821 son of John & Nancy
Knode Mary

Kretzer Leonard 4-23-1777 1-18-1841
Kretzer Hannah
11-27-1860 age 78
Kretzer Solomon
5-2-1823 age 19 Son of Leonard & Hanna
Kretzer* John
2-26-1828 age 46 yrs. 9 mos.
Kretzer* Mary
1869 age 93
Marker Mary Rosena 'Bender' 8-12-1864 age 21 years
Marrow T.J.

Co. H. 1st MD P.H.B. Inf.
Marrow Jn.

Co. H. 1st MD P.H.B. Inf.
Michaelin Ana Barbara
3-21-1783 age 41 years-In German
Michel Christoppen
8-14-1783 In German
Middlekauff Jacob
1-25-1834 75 yrs. 9 mos.
Middlekauff Esther
5-11-1854 age 91
Miller* David, Capt. 12-1734 5-14-1811
Miller* Catharine
12-21-1829 age 77
Miller* Mary M. 10-10-1787 8-22-1863 wife of Col. John Miller
Morrow Peter 1796 1856
Morrow Ellen 'Spong' 1805 1882 wife of Peter
Myers Mary
2-28-1823 age 77
Piper* Daniel
3-3-1857 age 77
Piper* Martha
7-8-1851 age 76
Rickel Elizabeth 'Foutz'
April Consort of Samuel Rickel
Ritchie John
4-1807 age 65
Rohrback* William   7-2-1859 age 74
Santman Mary E.
8-26-1873 Consort of John
Schloszener Peter 1-20-1710 1790 In German
Schmitt Abraham 1772 11-1804 In German
Smith George
3-3-1834 age 66
Smith Elizabeth
Smith  Julien   6-3-1852 age 81
Smith* David, Capt. 1-5-1796 8-7-1869