Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery

2100 Belair Road

Baltimore, Maryland 21213


The Baltimore Hebrew Congregation actually has two cemeteries. We visited in March, 2012, the cemetery on Belair Road. There is also a BHC Cemetery on Berryman’s Lane in Reisterstown. Please see their website for directions and information.

The cemetery was founded by an Act of the Legislature in 1830.

The Jewish Museum of Maryland has also done a wonderful job of transcribing many of the Hebrew cemeteries in the State. Visit the website at for links to many resources. Specific names are searchable on the Jewishgen website at

There were several beautiful sculptures in the cemetery and works of E. Keyser and H. Schuler. I was also impressed that all of the families that owned the best department stores with the most phenomenal Christmas windows in downtown Baltimore were interred here. Some of my favorite childhood memories are visiting the Christmas windows on Howard Street and lunching at Reads second floor restaurant.

Photos from our visit on March 4, 2012

Transcriptions from our visit

Those we photographed during our visit

(Gustave Brunn photograph added 3.3.2020, Courtesy Dan Phelan)