Salem Evangelical


December 11, 1851

The trustees of the three congregations (Methodists, German Reformed and Lutheran) met with John Reynolds and William Reynolds and wife Elizabeth. Each denomination sent a trustee to the meeting. Andrew Rentch represented the German Reformed Church, Daniel Middlekauff represented the Methodists and Elias Baker represented the Lutheran. For $50 dollars, 80 perches (2 acres) of land was added to the burial ground.

Source (Book IN 6, page 525)

The Lutherans built a new meeting house known as Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, in 1854. This building was remodeled in 1888 at a cost of one thousand dollars and with a seating capacity of three hundred. The land where this church, with adjacent cemetery, now is was donated by John and William Reynolds.

Mrs. Alice Reynolds, who died in 1912, bequeathed the church $3,000. Just before her death she had donated an additional acre of ground to the cemetery. We made two visits to photograph the cemetery.

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