Third Reformed Church


· History of Baltimore City & County; John Thomas Scharf, 1881, J.B. Lippencott & Company, publishers, Philadelphia PA.

· Richard Taylor, Former Chair of the Historical Council of the United Church of Christ

301-305 North Paca Street

Church located at Paca and Saratoga Streets was an offshoot of the Second Street Church (First Reformed). The church was dedicated on February 2, 1845 and the Pastor was Rev. Dr. Wolff. Another early pastor was Rev. C. Clever. It appears that the church later moved to 3606 Mohawk Avenue.

St. Paul's English merged with the Third Reformed in 1947 as Park Community. The church disbanded in 1970.

When we went to look for the original church on July 4, 2010, we found a parking lot opposite the St. Jude Shrine.

Many of the records for this church may be found at:

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