St. Paul's German Reformed (Cardiff)

aka: Fifth German Reformed Cemetery

This cemetery began as the final resting place of congregants of St. Paul’s Fifth German Reformed Church, located on Broadway. The first church was situated on Bank Street. The church was seriously damaged by fire on November 8, 1866 and rebuilt on March 17, 1867.

The cemetery is located at the end of Cardiff dead ends into the cemetery. There are no gates, no signs, no fences. It is still an active cemetery, now named Voshell's Memorial Garden. There are still interments at the cemetery, however, it is not well maintained. The photos below show the neighboring street and the garbage is at the corner perimeter of the cemetery. The grass was cut and their was no debris on the actual premises.

Thanks to Kathryn Rokitski for bringing this cemetery to our attention.

Not much is known about the cemetery. See notes on the church, St. Paul's Fifth German Reformed. If you have information about the cemetery, please contact us at


Voshell Memorial Gardens

Aka: St. Paul’s, German Reformed

Aka: Bachman’s

5600 Cardiff Avenue

Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, 21224

Phone 410-633-5058

Records for the church, including burial records are maintained at:

Evangelical & Reformed Historical Society

555 W. James Street

Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: 717-290-8734 (Please call before visiting to assure staff will be available to assist)


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