Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Baltimore

4605 Belair Road at Moravia Road

Baltimore, Maryland 21206


The congregation was founded in the suburbs of Gardenville about 1845. It is located on Belair Road. It was a two story brick building with Sunday School rooms housed below the church. The membership was at one time very large. There is a cemetery adjoining the church. The early interments were German immigrants, most likely farmers in the area.

The congregation was founded by and for German immigrants. The congregation grew and is today still active, especially in outreach, evangelism and social ministry within its neighborhood.

Today, they are led by The Rev. Arwyn A. P. Gohl, Pastor and The Rev. Dr. David H. Manrodt, Pastor-Emeritus

Founded at the location where it stands now around 1846.


1874 Rev. John H. Mengert

1884-1948 Rev. Paul E. C. Burgdorf

1895 Rev. Mr. Ruff

1911-1912 Rev. H. H. Reppe

1912-1919 Rev. Dr. P.C. Burgdorf

Rev. Dr. David Manrodt

Current Rev. Arwyn A. P. Gohl

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Jerusalem Confirmation Class 1931 (Pastor Paul Burgdorf)