First German New Jerusalem

Source: History of Baltimore 1729-1898, Elliott (Published 1898 S.B. Nelson, Publisher)

The Rev. Arthur O. Brickman, founded this church in 1854 (some sources say 1855). It was incorporated on August 24th of that year. Brickman became the first pastor and remained in charge until December, 1861, when he resigned in order to enter the Union Army as chaplain. The early life of the congregation was associated with the English New Jerusalem Church. The German services were held in that chapel for two years. The chapel was located at the corner of Baltimore and Exeter Streets.

The congregation became so strong that in 1857 a new church was erected on Lombard street, near Lloyd. It was dedicated on October 4, 1857. From December, 1861, to 1865, the Rev. Louis C. Carriere served the congregation; but upon the conclusion of the Civil war the Rev. Mr. Brickman returned and served the church until December,1870.

During the Roeder administration, in the year 1880, a new building was purchased on the corner of Fayette and Aisquith Streets. It was purchased and remodeled at a cost of $15,000, and the old property was sold. The new property was purchased from the East Baltimore Methodist Protestant Church. From 1882 to 1886 the congregation was without a pastor, but on February 28, 1886, the Rev. Faber returned to the pastorate and continued in charge until his death, February 17, 1897. He was succeeded by Rev. F. E. Waelchli, who entered upon his duties as pastor on September 19, 1897. The membership at that time was 67.

The services were conducted every Sunday morning in the German language, and in the evening in English.


Rev. Arthur O. Brickman (1854-1861)

Rev. Louis C. Carriere (1861-1865)

Rev. Arthur O. Brickman (1865-1870)

Rev. George Gieser (1871-1872)

Rev. Peter Faber (1875-1879)

Rev. Adolph Roeder (1879-1882)

Rev. Peter Faber (1886-1887)

Rev. F. E. Waelchli (1897