St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery Taneytown

This cemetery was photographed at the request of one of our website followers. The history doesn’t mention any German services or early minutes in German. The church, however, does date back to 1797. It is likely that many of the early settlers of the area were German Catholics.

Notes from the ‘History of Western Maryland’, Thomas Scharf, Vol. II, 1882 states “The founder of Taneytown was a Catholic, and it is reasonable to suppose there were others of the same faith living in the vicinity of the town at an early period. As 'far back as 1790 there are records of mass having been said at private dwellings by Fathers Frambaugh, Pellentz, Brosuis, and Cefremont. In 1804, Prince Geliven visited the village, and built St. Joseph's church. Father Zocchi, an Italian priest of great learning and remarkable executive ability, was the first pastor of St. Joseph's, and remained in charge of the parish during the extraordinary period of forty-one years. He died in 1845, regretted by all who knew him, and there was no priest regularly assigned to the charge until 1851. From the latter date until 1862 the parish was under the control of Father Thomas O'Neill, who was succeeded by Father J. Gloyd, who remained in charge until Jan. 1, 1879. Father Gloyd's first assistant was Rev. Richard Baseman, from May, 1871, to January, 1873; his second, Rev. Casper Schmidt, from 1873 to 1874; and his third, Rev. John T. Dulaney, from 1874 to Jan. 1, 1879.”

Scharf also transcribed many of the early burials at St. Joseph’s. Most we were able to find and photograph.

Church & Cemetery Location:

44 Frederick St.


Carroll County

Maryland USA

Postal Code: 21787

Phone: 410-756-2500

Our Transcriptions : June 2016 Our Photographs of the Cemetery