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The starting point for all these historiographical endeavors was:  we have to show to our fellow Americans that the Germans have been here much longer than generally known and that they have contributed to the substance and expanse, to the social, political, and moral texture of this country.  You don’t have to be ashamed of being German............Dieter Cunz, 1959 

This website is dedicated to those of German ancestry.  Some are recent arrivals, but for the most part, these pages contain information about our ancestors that arrived in America many years ago and settled in Maryland. 

The site is divided into several sections.  The Biography section contains many persons that have paved the way for life as we live today.  Some made very important contributions to Maryland and to the United States.  I am always looking for additional profiles.  

If you, your parents or your grand or great-grandparents were German or of German heritage and lived in Maryland, send me a profile.   Send us your story.  Send me an email or comments.  If you have any updates or new information to post, please send them to me.  You can reach me at

Every story is important.  Whether your ancestors were inventors, manufacturers, brewers or a stay at home Mom, they all contributed.  Their every step paved the way.

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“With great pleasure I have heard of the organization of your Society.  I consider it the duty of the Germans to take an active interest in the history of their fellow countrymen in America.  If they are indifferent to the part which their kinsmen have acted in the development of our adopted country, what right have they to complain that others do not display more zeal.  As German-Americans we, in a certain sense, enter upon the inheritance left by those who came to this country before us and it is our duty to inquire who they were, what they aimed at, what they suffered, what they achieved.”...........From the minutes of the Society for the History of Germans in Maryland, by Professor Oswald Seidensticker, June 5, 1888

Let's keep our heritage alive!!!!


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