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· History of the Alleghany Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania, Rev. W.H. Bruce Carney, 1918

· Centennial History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Maryland 1820-1920, Wentz

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The church has no early written history. The earliest preaching was the Rev. M.F. Pfahler approximately in 1856. The congregation belonged to the Salisbury pastorate. At that time, the Lutheran and the Reformed congregations worshiped at the same location.

Around 1857-58, the Rev. Pfahler built the Lutheran Church. It was dedicated some time in 1858. The dedication included the Rev. Frederick Kuhlman, pastor of the Lutheran Church of Frostburg. The church was built on ground donated by Adam Schuttz. (This, I believe is Adam Shultz, whose youngest daughter, Amanda, married Rev. Isaac N. Augustine, instrumental in building a church in Grantsville, according the the ‘History of the Evangelical Church) The foundation laid by David Custer and the contract for building given to George Seibert of Accident, Maryland.

A report dated September 4, 1862 states that the church baptized two, confirmed two, received by letter two, and confirmed membership of thirty-five.

There are no written reports from 1862 (above) to 1888. During these years the congregation belonged to the Maryland Synod and part of the Friendsville-Accident pastorate.

Rev. J. D. Shoup, also known as ‘Father Shoup’ made rounds of the pastorate on foot, preaching at Gransville in the morning, Bittinger in the afternoon and Accident in the evening. This was not an easy task realizing the miles between any of these two points was 10 miles. This was a testament to the faith of ‘Father Shoup’.

During the pastorate of Rev. Harshman, the congregation at Grantsville was moved from the Maryland Synod to the Alleghany Synod and then again became part of the Salisbury charge. At this time there were sixty-two confirmed members with sixty two members enrolled in the Sunday school as wel.

During the pastorate of Dr. Rev. J.J. Young, the parsonage was moved from Grantsville to Accident.

The church was rededicated October 25, 1891 during the pastorate of Rev. W. Cribbs. The church did become too small or inadequate for the congregation and under the leadership of Rev. L.P. Young, steps were taken to build a new house of worship. The old church was abandoned on February 9, 1913. The cornerstone for the new building was laid on June 1, 1913. Many of the surrounding churches and their pastors took part in the dedication and opening including the Rev. J.C. McCarney of Friedens, PA., the president of the Somerset County Conference, Revs. E.S. Hassler, of the Reformed Church, W.W. Morris of the M.E. Church, and Edward Miller of the Mennonite Church, all took part in the service. The offering that day amounted to $100.

The new church, dedicated on October 12, 1913, on a beautiful fall day was spectacular. The large brick building included Sunday school rooms and an auditorium. The church itself was furnished with oak pews, the pulpit of quartered oak, the windows all memorials were beautiful. Services for the dedication were held three times with the dedicatory sermon preached by Rev. C.B. King of Pittsburgh. It was at this service the pastor announced that the building cost the congregation $8500, of which $2300 was unpaid and must be secured. Two secretaries and a cashier was placed at the altar. The afternoon service recognized a larger attendance, with addresses made by Rev. E.S. Johstons of Elk Lick PA., and former pastor of the congregation and also former State Senator, George R. Wellington of Cumberland, MD. Mr. Wellington put his money where his mouth was and handed over his $50 check. During this afternoon service $200-$300 additional funds were recognized. At this time the secretaries and the cashier reported that sufficient sums had been received to meet all outstanding obligations, with $2750 collected. That evening the solemn services of dedication were conducted by pastor, Rev. Young. Addresses were delivered by Rev. E.B. Boyer of Confluence and the Rev. W.H.B. Carney of Garrett. It was a great day of Thanksgiving.

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· Rev. Matthew F. Pfahler

· Rev. J. D. Shoup

· Rev. R. Lazarus (1864-1866)

· Rev. P.P. Lane (1866-1867)

· Rev. R. Lazarus (1874-1875)

· Rev. O.F. Harshman (1888-1891)

· Rev. W.W. Cribbs (1891-1892

· Dr. Rev. E. S. Johnston (1894-1905)

· Dr. Rev. L.P. Young (1906-1915)

· Rev. Elbert E. Oney (1915-1917)

· Rev. Brininger (also missionary to Africa)

· Dr. Rev. J.J. Young

The church is still active today:

180 Main St (138.65 mi)

Grantsville, Maryland 21536