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Grace Lutheran-Rocky Hill


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Long before the early American colonies made any attempt toward separation from England, Grace (Rocky Hill) Evangelical Lutheran Church was a working congregation. There is no sure way of knowing the exact dates, but the beginning of Grace Church certainly dated before the year 1767. In all probability the congregation functioned as a church many years prior to its actual organization. Certainly Grace (Rocky Hill) Church is one of the oldest and most historic Lutheran congregations in Frederick County. It is the mother church of the Woodsboro Parish.

The land for the church and cemetery was given by a land grant from the English Government and was used jointly by the Lutheran and Reformed congregation until about 1889, when there was a separation of these congregations. The Reformed congregation moved the old log church to Centerville in 1889, leaving the Lutherans in sole possession of this historic and beautiful site, on which the new and present church was erected in 1889. Rocky Hill Church remained much the same as it was constructed until 1917, when the resent tower and narthex were added. With these additions Grace Church in design became the Colonial-type white church which we see today.

As the years passed there have been times of redecoration and interior changes which have added to the grace and beauty of the church. However, it is felt with this remodeling and redecoration, Rocky Hill Church has come closest to the simple colonial beauty which the builders must have meant it to have. Simplicity is the keynote of the redecoration. The soft gray walls harmonizing with the pale and ecclesiastically-decorated paneled ceiling are accented by the two-toned gray of the woodwork in the colonial manner.

Church Location:

10825 Coppermine Rd

Woodsboro, Md 21798