Clubs, Societies, Groups

Baltimore Kickers- FOUNDED: 23 September 1953; PURPOSE: To promote soccer, the German language and German culture!

Club Fidelitas- FOUNDED: 1955; PURPOSE: To promote a social club to promote fellowship, friendship and Gemütlichkeit.

Delphian Club

Der Deutsche Orden der Harugari

Deutsche Geselligkeit- FOUNDED: 17 January 1935; PURPOSE: To provide assistance to the less fortunate and to work for and assist others. The Deutsche Geselligkeit discontinued operating December 31, 2019.

G.T.V. Immergrün- FOUNDED: 1972; PURPOSE: To preserve and enjoy the dances, customs and traditions of the Bavarian Region of Germany and Austria.

German Radio Klub

The Goethe Society

Maryland Oktoberfest

Saturday Night Club


Singing Societies

Society for the History of Germans in MD- FOUNDED: 1886; PURPOSE: To collect and preserve records and historical material relating to Germans in Maryland

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