St. Stephen's German Reformed

This church was established by the Bi-Synodic Board of Home Missions at the earnest solicitation of the pastors of the Reformed churches of Baltimore. The Rev. Charles W. Levan, of Easton, Pa., was called by the Board to become the pastor. He entered on his duties March 1, 1892. On the May 22nd the first public service was held in Smith's Hall on Twentieth Street near Charles Street. This congregation was first known as the "North Baltimore Reformed Mission." In June, 1892, a lot at the corner of Guilford Avenue and 23rd Street was purchased by a kind friend and presented to the mission. On June 25, 1893, the church was dedicated. The congregation was organized on June 29, 1893, under the name of St. Stephen's Reformed Church, with a membership of thirty-five persons. The church was built of Port Deposit granite and of brick. It cost $9,855. The Mission had a parsonage erected adjacent to the church. The membership was 75 in 1898. The church merged to First Reformed as First and St. Stephen's. It moved to Stoneleigh in 1928.

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