Entrance to Loudon Park

Loudon Park Cemetery

3620 Wilkens Avenue/3801 Frederick Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21229


Cemetery Website: http://www.loudon-park.com/

This cemetery wqas opened in 1853. It was Incorporated in 1852 and is one of the largest public cemeteries in Baltimore. It is on 300 acres. It actually was the location of the first crematorium in Maryland (1889). Loudon was the estate of James Carey, a Baltimore City merchant and city councilman, as well as the founder of Maryland National Bank. There is a National Military Cemetery on this cite, as well as a 'Government Lot', acquired around 1861 and where the remains of 2300 Union soldiers rest. There is also a 'Confederate Hill' where approximately 275 Confederate soldiers are buried.

Photo Album from Loudon Park

Photos taken 8-4-2010 & 11-11-2010 & 6-15.2013 & 8-30-2013