St. Paul's Mechanisville

In 1909, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was founded by German immigrants, that had come from the mid-west seeking promised farmland. The first building used for worship was the home of Heinrich and Alfreida Mueller located a short distance from where our church stands today. By 1911, the need to form an official congregation grew; and land was granted by Dietrich Badenhoop allowing for a permanent church building to be constructed and dedicated. The founding families included the Muellers, Badenhoops, Stachs and Lichtenburgs. For the German population in the village of New Market, this building became a focal point in the community. Many weddings, baptisms, and funerals were conducted during its service to the St. Paul’s congregation from 1911 to 1978. In that time a few additions were made, including a vestibule in 1930, a Sunday school room in 1950, and an addition to the chancel in 1956. In the past years, this church has continued to serve the local community as a braille center, Sunday school, and meeting area for different local organizations.

The little white church on the hill is a significant building as it has helped to expand the Lutheran doctrine in Southern Maryland through our daughter churches Grace Lutheran in La Plata and Trinity Lutheran in Lexington Park. It also holds historical significance as the first Lutheran Church in Southern Maryland and because of its founding German-American congregation. Today, it is the only architectural landmark that represents the existence of this early-twentieth-century community in Northern St. Mary’s County.

The church also has a cemetery, click here.