St. Luke's Evangelical Reformed

St. Luke's Evangelical Reformed

St. Luke’s Evangelical Reformed Church

Source: History of Baltimore Maryland, 1729-1895, Elliott, Published S.B. Nelson

St. Luke's Evangelical Reformed

This congregation was organized in the western section of the city in 1846. It was organized under Rev. R. Riley, in a room over a grocery store. He was in charge from 1846 to 1851. The church was erected on Carey Street in 1853. It has had a pretty effective career. The longest tenured pastor during it’s time as the Evangelical Reformed was Rev. Dr. Rankine who led the parish from 1853 to 1886. He was a very gifted man as a catechist and instructor, and has left his impression on thousands throughout the city.

He was also noted for his love of a dignified and ornate service, and his services drew large congregations to the church. Under his leadership a substantial building was erected and still stands today. At the rear of the church in the mid 80’s was a Girl’s School.

The neighborhood changed around 1890 and some of the parish has moved. The membership, however, in 1890 was at 602, a healthy number.

On a visit to the area in July 2015, the church is still standing. It is certainly showing its’ age, but also shows a glimpse of its diverse and strong history. It does not appear that the church is in use. There was no name on the signage in the front. If this is the case, it will not be long before the church is in total disrepair.

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· Rev. R. Riley

· Rev. Dr. Rankine 1853-1886

· Rev. George W. Harrod 1886-1893

· Rev. William A. Coale 1893

Church Address:

Carey & Fayette Streets

Baltimore City, Maryland