St. Luke's Evangelical Reformed

St. Luke's Evangelical Reformed

St. Luke’s Evangelical Reformed Church

Source:  History of Baltimore Maryland, 1729-1895, Elliott, Published S.B. Nelson

This congregation was organized, as Der Evangelisch Lutherschen  Sankt Lucas Gemeinde, in the western section of the city in 1864.  It was organized under Rev. R. Riley, in a room over a grocery store.  Some of the original founders included family names like Marburger, Villmar and Steinmuller.  

The original, St. Lucas, was located at the Southwest corner of Henrietta and Eutaw Streets.  The original brick building at this location was razed in 1970 or early 80s to make room for the new Martin Luther King Boulevard.  

The congregation was served by the Evangelical Synod starting in 1899.  When a new pastor was needed they went to the seminaries in search of a German speaking Pastor.  In 1923 the church moved to an already constructed church at the Southwest corner of Fayette and Carey Streets.   

In 1927 the Evangelical and Reformed churches merged and then again in 1957 they became the United Church of Christ.

The neighborhood changed around 1890 and some of the parish had moved.  The membership, however, in 1890 was at 602, a healthy number.   

With the help of one of our followers, we can establish that the church was still active in 1977 when the last wedding was performed by then Pastor Gabler.  

Another follower contacted us to let us know we could extend St. Luke's existence by another 10 years.  Doris was St. Luke's organist in 1987.  She married her husband Philip Kaltenbach at the church.  

On a visit to the area in July 2015, the church is still standing.  It is certainly showing its’ age,  but also shows a glimpse of its diverse and strong history.  It does not appear that the church is in use.  There was no name on the signage in the front.  If this is the case, it will not be long before the church is in total disrepair.

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Church Address:

Carey & Fayette Streets

Baltimore City, Maryland

Special thanks to Charles A. McEvoy and Doris Kaltenbach for the additional information
St. Luke's Evangelical Reformed