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Sharpsburg Christ Reformed

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According to the church website the Christ Reformed Church at Sharpsburg began around 1764 when Rev. John Bucher baptized here. It is thought that the congregants met in the same building used by a Presbyterian Congregation. They later purchased that building. It was constructed in 1768. There is a report in the Maryland Gazette (June 8, 1769) that a lottery was used to complete the church and build a school. The managers of the lottery were Christian Ormdorf, George Keiffer, John Middlekaufff, and Conrad Hayberger. The lot purchased, April 2, 1774, from Abraham Lingenvelter and the church, then known as ‘Old Ironsides’ was already on the property. It was the old Presbyterian Church. It has been said that all preaching was done in German until 1821. An addition to the building was later razed in 1832.

The church purchased a lot at 46 West Main Street and a new building was constructed. This church, as many in the area, served as a hospital for Union troops during the battle of Antietam.

The church has had three renovations, all marked on their cornerstone..1890, 1946 and 1965. The entrance was replaced with a window donated by the 16th Connecticut Regiment as a memorial. The same regiment also donated $100 to the church in 1890.

In 1946, the two manual, five-rank M.P. Moller Pipe Organ was dedicated. In 1965 the Sunday School addition was completed. These rooms were built on land given by Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Roulette. In July 1991, Ms. Julianne Mueller of Washington D.C. completed the paperwork and research required to register the building as a Maryland Historic Site.

Thanks to grants the church completed a restoration project of the historic stained glass windows in 2008.

The first minister of the church was Rev. Samuel Helffenstein, Jr. He was there until 1824 at whichtime Rev. James N. Reilly took charge. Others serving the congregation: Rev. Mr. Dennis, Rev. John Rebaugh, Rev. Hoffmier, Rev. Dole, Rev. Douglass, Rev. Shuford, Rev. Gring and Rev. A.C. Geary.

The current pastor, Rev. Delancy Catlett may be reached at (301) 582-1728. Today it is known as Sharpsburg Christ Reformed UCC.

There is also a cemetery associated with this congregation. We visited and photographed the cemetery in June 2015. Click here for a link to the transcriptions and a link to the photographs.

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Church Location and contact:

117 West Main Street

Sharpsburg, Maryland 21782

(301) 432-6182