Fifth German Reformed a.k.a St. Paul's Evangelical Baltimore

The first church was situated on Canton Avenue, east of Broadway and was dedicated on October 3, 1858. The church was seriously damaged by fire on November 8, 1866 and rebuilt on March 17, 1867, by Rev. Grimm. The pastor in 1881 was Rev. Marcus Bachman. He served the church from 1864 until another serious fire damaged the church in 1904. The last service to be held at this church was February 7, 1904. The property was sold. The church disbanded in 1935. Several years ago, when searching for the church that married my Great-grandparents, which was the Fifth German Reformed, the building was being used for a ‘Goodwill’ center. On July 4, 2010, the church was found not being used at all.

Many of the records for this church may be found at:

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