St. Paul's Cordova

In 1899 the first German came to Talbot County, Maryland. Several German Families followed from Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. There were, at that time, about twenty five-families.

In 1900 the first German services were held.

In 1908, the Cordova people organized a new congregation and built a church of their own the St. Paul's Church. The congregation of German immigrants formally organized and chose the name of St Paul's. They built a Church 26'x36'x18' and a Sunday School room 14'x19'x10'. It cost $814. The church was dedicated on May 23, 1909. Services were held in both German and English.

We visited the church and the cemetery belonging to the church in July 2014. The cemetery is well-maintained and quite peaceful. We were surprised at the number of German names. It is one of the first German settlements on the Eastern shore that I am aware of.

Photo Album of the Cemetery