Schifferstadt, Frederick

The Schifferstadt house was preserved by the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc. Rose Hill Manor, 1611 North Market Street, Frederick, Maryland. It is one of the oldest houses in Frederick. It is located near the corner of Rosemont Avenue and West Second Street. It is a colonial stone residence. It was named Schifferstadt by its builder, Joseph Brunner, after his birthplace near Mannheim, Germany6. He landed in Philadelphia in 1724 and arrived in Maryland in 1736 when he commenced building his family home in what was then called the Monocacy settlement.

The walls of the house are two and one-half feet thick, with hand hewn timbers of native oak, pinned together without nails or spikes. With its kick up roof and center chimney, the building is reflective of the farm houses you would see in the Mannheim, Germany area. All partition doors are of five-panel design and retain their original hardware such as the thumb-latches, knobs, locks and hinges. In an upstairs bedroom, one can see a built in five plate stove. The stove is dated 1756 and bears a German inscription.

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