Mt. Olivet Frederick

The cemetery was founded based on pure need with so many of the churches having smaller grounds for burials and the city of Frederick’s rapid growth in the mid 1800s. The charter was granted on October 4, 1852. It has been nicknamed ‘Cemetery Beautiful’. Today there are over 34,000 souls buried at Mt. Olivet.

Entering the gates at Mt. Olivet, you are taken back by the sheer size of the cemetery. Entering the gate we entered, we are first welcomed by the exceptional monuments and display honoring Francis Scott Key. The monument was dedicated on August 9, 1898 and was intended and has accomplished a lasting tribute to the author of the country’s national anthem. Francis Scott Key was a Frederick native.The Key chapel is near the Key Monument. It is over a century old and is used for special events such as weddings, etc.

One of the most striking displays at the cemetery however is there tribute to the Military. There are special areas and monuments to all veterans. I was very impressed by the Civil War memorials as well as the two World War monuments. It is my understanding that those names on the monuments are interred in the Veterans Mausoleum.

Click here for our photo album of memorials and cemetery photos from 4-2016

The cemetery is located at:

515 S Market St

Frederick County, Maryland 21705

Phone: 301-662-1164