St. Alphonsus

St. Alphonsus (1850-1917)

The cemetery was sold to Baltimore City in 1917. There were 2431 bodies, many which were moved to Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery at 4430 Belair Road. The cemetery was operated by the Redemptorist Fathers and served St. Alphonsus, St. James the Less and St. Michael’s the Archangel. St. Alphonsus is still operational as is St. Michael’s the Archangel.

Locals referred to the cemetery as ‘Home Sweet Home’. The cemetery locations were as follows:

  • · Saint Alphonsus I-Saratoga Street & Park Avenue (1800-1833)-This is now the St. Alphonsus Sanctuary**

  • · Saint Alphonsus II-Madison Avenue near Presstman St. (1834-1873)

  • · Saint Alphonsus III-Loney's Lane and Biddle Street near Edison Highway

Several sources state that there was a church and cemetery on the same site at Saratoga and Park Avenue under the name of **St. John’s German Church (1800-1833) also St. John the Evangelist. The church was an old wood structure that was replaced with the beautiful St. Alphonsus. There doesn’t appear to be any records to indicate where the bodies from St. John’s were moved.

St. John’s (2nd Cemetery) (1833-1873) was located at Madison Avenue, Robert Street and Druid Hill Avenue. This cemetery was used until 1873.

*Bodies from St. Alphonsus cemetery were removed to Holy Redeemer and New Cathedral.