German Lutheran Church - Frostburg

The Evangelical German Lutheran Church was built in 1846 by Rev. C. Lepley as an English Lutheran Church. In 1853 and 1854 the German Lutheran Reformed congregation met in the church under Rev. Joseph R. Focht, and soon after bought the property. In 1867 a separation took place, the Reformed members erecting their own edifice at Broadway, and leaving the German Lutheran element in possession of the property. A number of pastors succeeded each other, some only staying a brief period.

On Nov. 1, 1879, Rev. A. Homrighaus being called from Schenectady, N. Y., took charge of the congregation, under whose administration the old building was remodeled at an expense of six thousand five hundred dollars. The dedication of the remodeled building took place on July 24, 1881. Revs. P. P. Hennighausen, of Baltimore, Samuel C. Yingling, of Harrisburg, and P. L. Harrison, of Frostburg, were present and participated. Normally there was only one German service in the morning since the organization of the church, but now an English service was introduced by the pastor at night.

Among the pastors were Rev. Homrighaus were Rev. M. During, Rev. B. Sickle, and Rev. Mr. Stump. The parsonage stood by the side of the church. It was purchased in 1865 from the Hon. Thomas McCulloh.

Another lot of ground was purchased from W. McCulloh and laid out as a cemetery for the church, to be known as the German Lutheran Cemetery. There was also a Sunday School.