German Radio Klub/Hour

The German Radio Hour was founded by Kurt Kuenzel and his wife, Elva Marie Kuenzel, in 1946. The club was very active and very influential in the German community.

An ad in the mid-70s show that the radio program aired every Sunday morning from 9:00-10:00 am on WBMD (750) and from 11:00am to noon on WFMM-FM (93.1).

The Radio Club took annual trips. We know in 1970 they travelled to Germany (the cost to club members of the roundtrip airfare was $210 and in June 1971 they travelled to Germany (Airfare $321.) In June 1973 they went to Hawaii (total trip costs including airfare $700).

Almost every year from their 20th Anniversary on, they received pretty good publicity and coverage from the Washington Journal, the Baltimore Correspondent and The Sun.

The Officers at their 25th Anniversary (held at the Eichenkrantz Hall on March 30th , 1971)

Kurt Kuenzel, President

Karl Schultz, Vice President

Elva Kuenzel, Treasuer

Ilse Kluge, Secretary

Board of Directors:

Lynn Clavey

Carl Grimmer

Willy Kluge

Sherman Dahlgreen

William Tannenbush

Joseph Opelensky

Social Director: Betty Dahlgreen

Auditor: Edward Clancey

They held their 31st Anniversary dinner on Saturday April 2, 1977 at the Overlea Hall on Belair Road. The music was provided by the Happy Wanderers and the admission was $16.50.

It appears that Kurt Kuenzel remained the President of the group for their many years in existence. He was active in many of the German clubs in the area and served as an officer in many. His profile is in the Business section of the Profile Section on this website.

The newspaper articles, the Club minutes and correspondence -Courtesy of Kluge/Kuenzel/Brooke Family.