St. John's German Lutheran


This congregation began in a small frame chapel on the rear of a lot on Biddle street, near Pennsylvania avenue, about 1847. The Rev. Mr. Heier was the first pastor, but held this position only nine months, when he was succeeded by the Rev. G. H. Brandau. In the early part of his administration a new church was built. It was dedicated December 18, 1853. Until 1869 the Rev. Mr. Brandau remained in charge. He was succeeded by the Rev. J. Muller, who served until 1873. The Rev. B. Sickel was pastor for one year following. The Rev. N. Burkhart became pastor in 1874. His administration was most successful, the membership of the church was 700. The congregation owned a suitable parsonage near the church.

562 West Biddle Street, Baltimore MD (1901 Baltimore City Directory-intersection no longer exists)

Sunpaper Article-St. John's 50th Anniversary (October 5, 1896)

Sunpaper Article-Rev. Aufderhaar comes to St. John's (August 18, 1907)

Sunpaper Article announcing the formal reopening and festival of St. John's (September 18, 1909)

The 1903 Baltimore Polk Directory lists the pastor as Rev. N. Burkhart. A 1909 Sunpaper article names W.H. Aufderhaar as the pastor and also announces that the Mission Society held their picnic in Grieb's Park on August 12th (Sunpaper, August 15, 1909 Page, 21)

In February 1920, the congregation of St. John’s Lutheran at Biddle Street near Pennsylvania Avenue abandoned their church building and united with the congregation of the Concordia Church, officially named German Evangelical Lutheran Concordia Church.

Pastors of St. John’s

Rev. Father Heier

Rev. G.H. Brandau 1847-1869

Rev. J. Muller 1869-1873

Rev. B. Sickel 1873-1873

Rev. N. Burkhart 1874-1903 (the last record I could find of the church)

Rev. W. H. Aufderhaar 1909