St. Benjamin's Krider's Lutheran

The location:

700 Krider's Cemetery Road

Westminster, MD 21158


When visiting the churches/cemetery, I was surprised by the size of the cemetery. It would appear that this was once a Union Church and since has separated into the St. Benjamin's Lutheran Church on one side of the cemetery and the St. Benjamin's Krider's UCC Church on the other.

The cemetery was well-maintained and contained the remains of many very old stones. Many of the stones are in German and many are totally unreadable. I was impressed that many, however, have had little plates made with the information that was contained on the original stone.

We visited the cemetery on July 17, 2011.

Photos from our visit

Transcriptions (as with all of our transcriptions, the list is not complete, but what we could do in the one day. Also, there may be additional German burials and may be some listed that are not German. In most cases, I go by the name. In some cases, I know the maiden name may be German and in still other cases, I guess. I almost always photograph our veterans regardless of nationality/ethnic background.

Across the road at St. Benjamin’s Krider’s UCC

This portion of the cemetery appears to hold more recent burials. Many German names may be found among the stones.