St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran-Curtis Bay

The church was founded in 1891. It served the community with worship services at the area public school. The church building was begun in 1893. It is a two story brick building with large stained glass windows and oak furniture within. At its founding, the church was located in Anne Arundel county, but due to annexation, the area became part of Baltimore City around 1910.

The church was delayed due to lack of funds, but was finally completed in 1895. The total cost was $7200.00 and it was finished with an existing mortgage of $2500.

There was a dedication service on April 21, 1895. The dedicatory service was preached in German. The new pastor for the church was Rev. Walter Tressel.

The Sunday school was updated and dedicated on December 12, 1932.

Rev. Mr. Schneppe, one of the pastors here, in 1945, led protests against the acidic air being dropped on the area from neighboring plants. See sunpaper article, June 7, 1945.

Pastors of St. Paul’s Curtis Bay:

· Rev. Philip Meyer

· Rev. Conrad Godis

· Rev. Frederick Miller

· Rev. Walter Tressel

· Rev. E.P. Butz

· Rev. Mr. Schneppe

· Rev. Paul F. Schnizler

The church is still very active and has a Facebook page.

Location of the church:

3909 Pennington Avenue at Popland

Baltimore, Maryland


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