Woodlawn Cemetery

Also known as: Woodlawn Cemetery and Chapel Mausoleum

It was difficult finding any information on this cemetery. I did find a correction to the certificate of incorporation from 1902 where the name was amended to Woodlawn Cemetery Company of Maryland. It had previously been the Woodlawn Cemetery Company of Baltimore County. When I checked on the current name, through the Maryland taxation and assessment webpages, I found that two entities had been dissolved and one had been forfeited. I am not certain who the present owner(s) is. At the same time of the amended name, the General Assembly enacted that Woodlawn Cemetery Company of Maryland be authorized to purchase land for burials. They were empowered to purchase 400 acres of land in Baltimore County.

The Woodlawn Cemetery Company of Maryland be and is hereby authorized and empowered to take, hold, purchase and use for the purpose of burial four hundred (400) acres of land in Baltimore county.

SEC. 4. And be it enacted, That the Woodlawn Cemetery

Company of Maryland, a corporation duly incorporated under and pursuant to the provision of article 23 of the Code of Public General Laws

of Maryland as the Woodlawn Cemeteryof Baltimore County, which name, by the provisions of section 2 of this Act has been changed to the Woodlawn Cemetery Company of Maryland, be and the same is hereby declared to be and made a corporation for the uses and purposes and with all the rights now appertaining thereto by law as a cemetery company in, by and under said charter, with perpetual continuance, subject however and only to the constitutional right of amendment and appeal.

SEC. 5. And be it further enacted, That this Act shall take effect from the date of its passage.

Approved March 20, 1902.

I also found reference to the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery and the removal to Woodlawn of bodies from that cemetery. Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery-1863-1969. The cemetery is no longer operational. It was at North Avenue and Broadway. There were approximately 13,000 bodies at this cemetery. They were moved to Woodlawn Cemetery. The cemetery was initially used by St. Patrick’s; St. Ignatius; and St. John the Evangelist. Holy Cross closed in 1969 and the last burial recorded was 1952.

A few other unearthed tidbits:

The Woodlawn Cemetery Bridge was erected by Luten Bridge Company York Pennsylvania 1924

Woodlawn Company Negotiates For Powhatan. The Property was formerly The Powhatan Cotton Mills. The property was purchased at a cost of a little over $183,000.

There are 44 grave up in the upper northeast corner of the old section of the cemetery that are from the original Powhatan Cemetery. They are mill workers and folks that live in the village. This is unconfirmed. If anyone visits or has photos, please consider sharing with this site.

Greek Orthodox notes: One segment of Annunciation’s fascinating history concerns the establishment of a cemetery. In 1912, parish leaders purchased the first Orthodox burial ground in the State of Maryland—The Greek Section at Woodlawn Cemetery. Over 600 Greeks were buried there prior to the acquisition of the “Greek Orthodox Cemetery” in 1943. With the encouragement of Father Monios, Nick Prevas spent years of research to learn the stories concerning many of the immigrants buried there. He published “Gone But Not Forgotten”.

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2130 Woodlawn Drive

Baltimore, MD 21207‎

(410) 944-2600

Photographs from our visit: 7-7-2014 and 5-10-2019

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