St. Matthew's-Baltimore

St. Matthew’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church


History of Baltimore City & County; John Thomas Scharf, 1881, J.B. Lippencott & Company, publishers, Philadelphia PA.

History of Baltimore 1729-1898, Elliott (Published 1898 S.B. Nelson, Publisher)

Church Website:

St. Matthew’s was a branch of old Trinity Church. It separated from Trinity in 1852. The church was dedicated on May 5, 1853 at Canal Street (now Central Avenue) between Central and South Eden, near East Fayette. [Elliott has the first church as being erected in 1854 with the same address] A new church was built and dedicated on April 27, 1873 at 1304-1312 East Fayette Street near Central Avenue.

The bells in the steeple were cast from cannon captured by the Germans from the French in the European War of 1812 (Patriotic War or Franco-Prussian War), and were presented to the congregation by the Emperor of Germany.

The first pastor was Rev. Charles Weyl.

Under the direction of Rev. E. Huber (1883) a mission was established at Homestead in 1889. The mission was under the care of Rev. Karl Buff. There were in 1895, over 75 families associated with this mission.

There was a large chapel at the rear of the church that was used as a Sunday School. At tone time, the Sunday School had 650 pupils.

In 1929 the move was made to St. Mathew's present-day location on Norman Avenue (this new edifice would be St. Matthew's third location). The first service was held on Christmas morning, however, the building was not yet completed.

After observing their 90th Anniversary, in 1943, the church instituted a campaign for voluntary gifts for a new church fund to complete the edifice. In May of 1950, after a successful, well-planned campaign, the congregation chose an architect and the building committee submitted plans and specifications to 8 leading contractors. The groundbreaking service took place on December 24, 1950 at 3400 Norman Avenue in present-day, picturesque Mayfield in NE Baltimore. Said former Pastor Gottlieb Siegenthaler, "Our new church is one of rigor and beauty. It is an imposing structure erected to the glory of God and for the spiritual enrichment of His children."

There was a cemetery owned by St. Matthew’s, The German Evangelical Lutheran Church, now known as St. Matthew’s UCC. The cemetery was sold by St. Matthew's to a private buyer in 2000. There are no records of burials maintained by St. Matthew's church.

Church Location:

3400 Norman Ave

Baltimore, MD 21213-1027

(410) 235-3738

Rev. Eugene Bartell

Pastors of St. Matthew’s

Rev. Charles Weyl

Rev. Mr. Lubkert

Rev. L.D. Meier

Rev. Gottlieb Siegenthaler

Rev. E. Huber 1883