St. Paul's (English) Reformed

This was an offshoot of the Third Reformed and could have been established due to the language issue and therefore the ‘English’ in its title. It began as a Sunday School that was organized on Pennsylvania Avenue near Townsend Street in 1872. A little later services were held at Cook's Hall, which was located on the southeast corner of Baltimore and Calhoun Streets, which is where the congregation was organized in 1878. The church purchased the Northwest Mission church on Lexington Street near Carrollton Avenue in 1879. Some of the early pastors included Rev. M.L. Firor, the Rev. W.J. Johnson, Rev. Frank Lambadder and Rev. Lloyd E. Coblentz. The church helped to establish four missions in the late 1890s.

St. Paul's English merged to Third Reformed in 1947 as Park Community Church. It disbanded in 1970.

Many of the records for this church may be found at:

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