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Green Mount Cemetery

Green Mount Cemetery was incorporated March 15, 1838 by William Gwynn, Robert Morgan Gibbs, Fielding Lucas, Jr., John Skinner, John S Laffite, Samuel D. Walker and John H. Latrobe. It was established by an Act of the General Assembly of Maryland. It was dedicated July 13, 1839. Green Mount was the name given because the land was purchased from the heirs of Robert Oliver and Green Mount was the name of his estate. Mr. Oliver had a beautiful estate on the northern boundary of Baltimore City. The early design of the cemetery was laid out by Benjamin Latrobe.

From the Baltimore Sun, January 12, 1839

The size of the lots will not be less than sixteen by twenty feet, containing three hundred and twenty square feet, and the price will be one hundred dollars payable in installments as expressed in the terms of subscription.

The cemetery originally consisted of sixty acres, but has expanded. It is reported that more than 65,000 individuals are buried there, many famous and a few infamous, such as John Wilkes Booth, the Lincoln assassin. Among the noteables are General William Winder (defender of Baltimore in the War of 1812); Major Samual Ringgold (killed in Mexico in 1845); Commodore Lynch (explorer of the Red Sea in 1848); Johns Hopkins, Thomas Wildey (founder of Odd Fellowship in the US); John McDonogh, J.W. Garrett (President of the B&O Railroad); William Walters and many, many more.

The first interment occurred December 27, 1939, that of an infant. The mausoleum is of the Egyption order and is large enough to contain eighty bodies. The cost was $3400. The chapel, a Gothic structure of brown stone, with stained glass windows cost $30,000 and is said to duplicate the original which may be found in Germany. The gateway's original cost was $10,500. The cemetery is bounded by York Road, Hoffman, Ensor Streets and North Avenue. Although not in the best part of town, it is a beautiful and most exceptionally maintained cemetery that when you are walking through provides a sense of calm and a park-like atmosphere.

There was, at one time, a requirement that a ticket be obtained for entrance. Sunday's were only open to lot holders and friends of the family (also with a ticket).

The cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

1501 Greenmount Ave

Baltimore, MD 21202-3925


Cemetery Website: http://www.greenmountcemetery.com/

Soldiers from the War of 1812 buried at Green Mount Cemetery

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